Premium Lubricants

Around the globe, there are many lubricant brands that are eyeing on sustaining your vehicle at long and taking care of it every moment to get you smoothly going while cruising the roads. These brands include Total, Castrol, Shell, Mobil1, and Caltex and the list goes on. So, making it difficult for us to choose out of all these premium and quality lubricants for our vehicle. The best way is to choose the brand that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and as is described in the owner’s manual. That pre-defined lubricant brand and specific engine oil might contain all the qualities and pre-requisites to sustain our vehicle over a long period.


Let’s discuss some of the Premium lubricants and lubricant brands to sustain our vehicle and to choose wisely. First of all, is Total Quartz range which includes TOTAL QUARTZ 9000, TOTAL QUARTZ 5000, TOTAL QUARTZ …