Month: April 2018

It’s Convertible Season, Which Means You Should Lease An Exotic Car

Closely following the first robin sighting of the year is spotting the first convertible of the season. It’s a picture-perfect day with a clear blue sky, maybe a little breeze, and suddenly, there it is: “Look at that guy in the Mustang with the top down.” And “There’s another convertible”, co-eds from the local college in a red Miata, their hair flowing in the breeze.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or an everyday commuter, you notice and wonder, “That looks like fun.” Accordingly, your mind wanders to a favourite 2-lane back road through the woods, and you’re the driver of that Mustang, listening to the burbling exhaust as you accelerating on a straightaway, or you’re the Miata driver hugging the curve while downshifting for a turn.

With their styling, exclusiveness, and provenance, exotic convertibles are impressive because they dial-up the exhilaration, turning up the enjoyment full blast. Ferrari and Porsche, …

5-star Italy Between Luxury Cars and Hotels

When Italy is your destination, there’s plenty of ways to make your vacation truly memorable. For the very best tourist experience, visit one of the places that are popular among the elite. Here are our top five suggestions, along with the best choices when it comes to accommodation.

  1.  Rome

There’s literally nothing you can’t see, do or experience while in Rome. That’s why it’s so popular among tourists from around the world. Of course, it offers much more to those seeking luxury accommodations. Go to The Inn if you’d like to have access to ancient ruins from within your hotel.

2.  Capri

If you’re looking for an all-in-one destination, Capri might just do the trick. Boasting ancient ruins, gorgeous beaches and hectic social life, this island is very popular among the rich. If you like the idea of enjoying a spectacular view while unwinding in an infinity pool, book a …

Data-Driven Customer Engagement Is Giving Car Dealerships An Edge

Since it first appeared on the market, live dealership chat software has revolutionized the auto sales industry by giving dealerships an unprecedented ability to reach out to customers online and generate high quality leads. Where once dealership websites were passive repositories of information, with dealership chat they are now extensions of the showroom, with friendly sales personnel on hand to answer queries and offer visitors a chance to do everything from book a test drive to apply for financing.

Because car dealerships are utilizing chat software in growing numbers, these software tools become standard across the industry, and dealerships that want to maintain an advantage over the competition are turning to ever more sophisticated tools for help in leveraging their online presence to guarantee optimal sales.Not only is online chat software providing an increasingly robust supplement to dealerships’ in-house sales teams, the most innovative providers are using search data to …