5-star Italy Between Luxury Cars and Hotels

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When Italy is your destination, there’s plenty of ways to make your vacation truly memorable. For the very best tourist experience, visit one of the places that are popular among the elite. Here are our top five suggestions, along with the best choices when it comes to accommodation.

  1.  Rome

There’s literally nothing you can’t see, do or experience while in Rome. That’s why it’s so popular among tourists from around the world. Of course, it offers much more to those seeking luxury accommodations. Go to The Inn if you’d like to have access to ancient ruins from within your hotel.

2.  Capri

If you’re looking for an all-in-one destination, Capri might just do the trick. Boasting ancient ruins, gorgeous beaches and hectic social life, this island is very popular among the rich. If you like the idea of enjoying a spectacular view while unwinding in an infinity pool, book a room in the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Anacapri.

3.  Positano

Tourqouise sea, whitewashed houses and eternally beautiful weather are just some of the things Positano can offer. While you’re not unwinding at the beach, you can enjoy the top-notch service of the five-star Hotel Covo dei Saraceni.

4.  Bellagio

If you’re tired of tourist traps, Bellagio could be the destination of your dreams. It’s a place that still has that authentic Italian feel, but doesn’t lack luxury either. Here you’ll find plenty of world renowned restaurants, while the five-star Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni will cater to your every need. Did you also know that Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas take its name from this city?

5.  Portofino

For an incredibly romantic experience, head to Portofino, a picturesque fishing village that’s become hugely popular among celebrities. If you want to make your stay there truly luxurious, book a room in the Belmond Hotel Splendido. It’s got five stars for all the right reasons.

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