Data-Driven Customer Engagement Is Giving Car Dealerships An Edge

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Since it first appeared on the market, live dealership chat software has revolutionized the auto sales industry by giving dealerships an unprecedented ability to reach out to customers online and generate high quality leads. Where once dealership websites were passive repositories of information, with dealership chat they are now extensions of the showroom, with friendly sales personnel on hand to answer queries and offer visitors a chance to do everything from book a test drive to apply for financing.

Because car dealerships are utilizing chat software in growing numbers, these software tools become standard across the industry, and dealerships that want to maintain an advantage over the competition are turning to ever more sophisticated tools for help in leveraging their online presence to guarantee optimal sales.Not only is online chat software providing an increasingly robust supplement to dealerships’ in-house sales teams, the most innovative providers are using search data to create customer profiles that allow salespeople to offer targeted offers targeted to the particular needs and desires of potential customers.

Cutting edge chat software providers like Florida’s Gubagoo are branching out and providing additional services that use search data to create customer profiles that salespeople can use when approaching them with particular offers. Research has shown that customers are twice as likely to move from being a lead to a sale if presented with offers that are customized to their particular needs, and with Gubagoo’s B.E.A.S.T. behavioural analytics and customer engagement system, salespeople can reach out to customers with a pitch that is perfectly modulated to appeal to them specifically.

Equipped with the data that behavioural analytics provides, salespeople can overcome the single largest hurdle to customer engagement: understanding what the customer is looking for before engaging them. This is especially useful for less specialized dealerships that offer a broad range of vehicles at many different price points. Knowing whether a customer is looking for a high-end luxury sedan or an affordable, family friendly SUV can drastically increase the likelihood of a positive exchange. When shopping online, customers have a vast number of options at their fingertips, but by anticipating needs and providing a customized experience of their website, dealerships can elevate themselves above the competition.

As the Internet becomes the premier forum for auto sales, dealerships that want to maintain an edge will need to utilize the best tools currently available for reaching customers and making sales. With the power of behavioural analytics, you can equip your sales team to target potential buyers with offers that are tailor made for them, making shopping a seamless experience they will want to repeat. Just as dealerships that haven’t adopted dealership chat software are now at a major disadvantage, analytics are likely going to become a standard tool across the industry in the next decade. Dealers who don’t want to fall behind the competition should equip their dealership with the latest customer engagement tools as soon as possible.