Month: April 2020

The Benefits Of Learning To Drive A Motorcycle In London

There are dozens upon dozens of drivers in London that are interested in learning to ride a motorcycle. When it comes to professional London motorcycle training, there are many benefits. With that said, here’s a few benefits of learning how to ride a motorcycle:

Fuel Efficiency
One of the best things about riding a motorcycle in London is fuel efficiency. Bike riders can go farther on a motorcycle than they could in a car. In fact, more and more residents in London are choosing to ride bikes and scooters due to this reason.

Affordable Insurance
Another benefit of riding a motorcycle is the insurance is affordable. Insuring a vehicle can be expensive. In some cases, insuring a vehicle can cost around �Â�£1,000 per year, while insuring a bike can cost as little as �Â�£400 or �Â�£500 for the year. There are various factors that play a role in how …

A quick overview of Ute canopy prices and what’s available on the market

Are you searching for a new ute canopy? There are a few different types of canopies available on the market with varying prices, depending on the construction materials and other configurations. Canopies are very popular because you can store all your camping gear or tradie’s tools safely in the back of your Ute and keep everything organised.

The most popular construction material for Ute canopies is fibreglass, and then there are steel and aluminium canopies, and fabric canopies. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn and at the likely costs you will pay for each of them.

Canopies manufactured from fibreglass 

These are the most common type of Ute canopy you will see on our roads, and they are available in both single and dual cab designs, as well as extra cab sizes. Many Ute manufacturers also sell canopies specifically designed for their Utes, so there’s plenty …