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Copart, IAAI Auto Auction Sales History | Autohistory

The website https://autohistory.online/ provides a comprehensive look at the origins and development of two major players in online auto auctions – Copart and IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions).

Tracing back to its start in 1982, Copart pioneered the model for online car auctions. What began as a small operation auctioning donated vehicles to charities turned into one of the largest auto auction platforms on the internet. Copart’s site allows buyers and sellers from all over the world to connect, bidding on salvage titled cars and more. From humble beginnings in California, Copart has expanded its reach across international markets.

IAAI emerged in the auto auction scene around the same time as Copart, forming in 1982. IAAI built its business working closely with insurance providers to auction off total loss vehicles online. The company started hosting weekly auctions to connect insurers with buyers, building out physical auction sites across North America. Its …

Weak Economy Put Brakes on New Car Sales in South Africa


When it comes to people buying new cars, you really need a strong economy. If there is no money filtering into a society and therefore to its people, then you will have a hard time selling new cars. This is also why the used car trade has gone way up because people are too cautious to be buying new cars, but the need for cars is still there. AutoTrader.co.za is a great place to sell or to buy a used car. It is safer, and you are sure to get a great deal. Many more people will be buying off of used car sites such as this so your chances of both selling for the price you want and finding a car you are interested in are very high.

Don’t let this weak market scare you out of trying to sell your car. Just because people are not looking …