A Dream Turned into Reality

I bought an old abandoned property that had been unused for decades. It was just sitting there, begging me to turn it into something useful. Since I was a teenager, I always had a dream of opening my own restaurant where I could serve my own cooking. I took a lot steps to turn that abandoned building into the restaurant of my dreams. I hired custom glass services in NJ to make the windows for the restaurant, gave it new flooring, lighting, and paint. By the time the restaurant was done, no one could believe that it used to be an abandoned property.

On the grand opening of the restaurant, I had a lot of customers who wanted to check out the restaurant. They were all people from the community who were excited to see what kinds of foods I was going to serve for them. The speciality of the restaurant is soul food. I come from the south, so for the people of NJ to be able to sample the foods that I grew up on is a nice treat. All of my customers talked about how much they loved the food and wished that they could eat it every day.

It’s been about a year since the restaurant has been open, and I enjoy the success that I’ve had. Although my restaurant is a fairly young one, I’m already having thought about how I can expand to bring my restaurant experience to more people. I haven’t exactly looked at any other spots for a second location, but it’s something that’s in the air, along with having some food purchasable in the grocery store. I’ve noticed that a lot of chains have foods that are sold in the frozen food section of stores, and it would be amazing if I could do the same without losing food quality.