UK Family Mediation Plymouth assists families whose relationships have broken down to achieve a future accord.

·        Couples whose relationship has broken down may make choices face-to-face via mediation.

·        This method is beneficial for addressing family conflicts.

·        A mediator provides separated or divorced spouses with fair and impartial information on legal rights and process.

·        It may be used as a substitute to judicial processes or in conjunction with them.

·        We create a safe, impartial atmosphere that is controlled and organised. It is an alternate, non-confrontational way of family conflict resolution.

What concerns may be resolved via mediation?

·        Children, including concerns such as where the children live or with whom they spend their time.

·        Finances, including difficulties pertaining to real estate, pensions, savings, investments, debts, and upkeep. Our Mediators are specialised and experienced Family Lawyers who also handle high-value assets; as a result, we can provide a specialised mediation service in cases involving …