What exactly is Mediation?

   UK Family Mediation Plymouth assists families whose relationships have broken down to achieve a future accord.

·        Couples whose relationship has broken down may make choices face-to-face via mediation.

·        This method is beneficial for addressing family conflicts.

·        A mediator provides separated or divorced spouses with fair and impartial information on legal rights and process.

·        It may be used as a substitute to judicial processes or in conjunction with them.

·        We create a safe, impartial atmosphere that is controlled and organised. It is an alternate, non-confrontational way of family conflict resolution.

What concerns may be resolved via mediation?

·        Children, including concerns such as where the children live or with whom they spend their time.

·        Finances, including difficulties pertaining to real estate, pensions, savings, investments, debts, and upkeep. Our Mediators are specialised and experienced Family Lawyers who also handle high-value assets; as a result, we can provide a specialised mediation service in cases involving substantial assets.

·        Divorce / Separation – We recognise that this is a topic that many clients like to explore in depth, as opposed to skimming over the concerns and process. Mediation assists separated spouses in determining the best course of action for themselves and their families.

·        Cohabitation — More couples than ever before are simply cohabiting, often for longer than long-term marriages. The legislation in this area is unique, but not less significant.

·        Grandparents – We may also help grandparents with contact difficulties involving grandkids.

·        Inheritance and Probate Disputes – We can help you with inheritance and probate disputes.

·        Same-Sex Relationships/Civil Partnerships – We have vast expertise with Civil Partnerships and same-sex relationships.

What about peace-making?

Mediation is not marital counselling or counselling. The purpose of family mediation is not to bring individuals back together; however, if reconciliation appears possible, we will refer you to a programme such as Relate.

Mediation is Optional.

It is essential that both parties begin the mediation process with the ability to communicate and plan freely and without fear of damage. Please let me know if you have any worries regarding your capacity to openly discuss topics. This will be evaluated at your first MIAM. 

Can I terminate mediation at any point?https://leeds.ukfamilymediationservice.co.uk/

At any point, any party may discontinue the mediation. If we believe that continuing the procedure would be improper or counterproductive, we may also end it. In any case, we will give you with information on other possibilities.

The Mediator is objective.

As mediators, we are objective and attempt to assist all parties equally. We do not judge, offer views, or take sides over who may be right or wrong. We support you in making your own choices on your future. Although we are unable to provide counsel, we are about to present objective and unbiased information about mediation.

Do I need a solicitor?

Mediators give neutral legal and financial advice to assist you comprehend your available alternatives. The choices and decisions are yours, and we neither pass judgement on your individual or combined circumstances nor provide recommendations based on your “best interests.” We will assist you both. We will assist you both in evaluating the possibilities in light of reality and will talk with you which solutions may work best for you and your family. We will address this with you if it seems that your suggested remedies fall beyond the boundaries that a judge may allow. It is feasible and frequently very beneficial for you to consult with your attorneys during or before the mediation process so that you may make educated choices. Additionally, if you like, your respective counsel may be kept apprised of the mediation’s progress.

Mediation is transparent and truthful with each party?

All information, including communication from either of you, will be freely exchanged between the two of you. The only exception is an address, telephone number, or email address that one of you desires to keep private.

Mediation cannot occur if we have prior knowledge of the problem as a result of our earlier engagement as a barrister or in another professional capacity. If any further conflict or apparent conflict of interest occurs, we shall no longer be able to serve as mediators.

Legal Aid

If you are qualified for legal aid/public financing (we will determine this), then the mediation process is FREE for you, and the other party would also benefit from your legal aid since they would get the first assessment meeting and 1 mediation session for free. We do have a contact for legal aid administration.