How to Park Your Car in 3 Kinds of Parking Spots

Parking a car properly is an essential skill for every driver. Here’s how to park in three different kinds of parking spots:

  1. Parallel Parking: Parallel parking involves parking your vehicle parallel to the curb between two parked vehicles. Follow these steps:
    • Find a suitable parking spot that is at least 1.5 times the length of your car.
    • Signal and pull up alongside the vehicle in front of the empty spot, leaving about 2-3 feet of space between your car and theirs.
    • Shift your car into reverse and check your mirrors and blind spots.
    • Begin backing up slowly, turning your steering wheel sharply to the right.
    • As your car’s rear bumper passes the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of the empty spot, straighten your wheels and continue backing up.
    • When your car is parallel to the curb and centered in the parking spot, straighten your wheels and adjust


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