Warding off the Mysterious Wart

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Just a few months ago, there was a really weird wart growing on my arm. I wasn’t sure how it got there, and it was a little painful. It was sitting right on top of the area where one of my veins was located. I tried to use some duct tape to dry the wart out, but that didn’t work. My parents told me that it would probably be best to go to the aesthetic doctor in Singapore and have him take a look at it. They made an appointment for me and he headed over there the next day to see what could be done about the mysterious wart.

After an examination, the doctor told me that the wart could be removed with a laser treatment. He would put something on the wart to numb the area so that I wouldn’t feel any pain. Then he would hit it with a laser and the wart would go away. I was a little scared because I wasn’t sure what the laser would do to me, but my parents and the doctor assured me that everything would be just fine, and that I would be able to walk out of the clinic with a wart free arm and a smile on my face. I took a deep breath and prepared for the treatment to begin.

The numbing agent that the doctor put on my arm was cold, but after a few seconds, I didn’t think anymore about it. He fired up the laser and used it on the wart. Before I knew it, the wart had been lasered away, and the doctor put a bandage on my arm. The whole procedure couldn’t have taken less than a few minutes to do, and it was so painless that I could have probably taken a nap while it was being done.