She Plays the Piano Really Well Already

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I had hoped my daughter would want to sing in church like I have for the last six years, but she just had no interest in it whatsoever. Though I was disappointed because I had envisioned the two of us doing some songs together, I was happy when she told me she would rather play the music while I sing. She had played at the piano at church before before service began, but I did not know she was that interested. I did a search for learn good piano class for kids in Singapore, and I was happy to find a music center that teaches piano lessons as well as other instruments.

It was not that far from where we live, so we both took the bus there to see if we could get some more information. There was plenty of info on their website, but I just felt we would be able to getter a better feel of the music center if we visited in person. As soon as we walked through the front doors, my daughter was mesmerized by everything. She looked at the different pictures on the wall, which were all students practicing, and she said that she definitely wanted her picture up there one day too.

That made me smile, but I knew she was getting ahead of herself. We were able to talk to one of the teachers there, and I was happy with everything she explained to us. My daughter was already in love with the place, and we were able to fill out an application and a schedule right then and there. She started piano lessons about a week later, and she has really impressed me. We are going to do our first mother/daughter duet at church in a few weeks, that is how good she is already!