Premium Lubricants

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Premium Lubricants

Around the globe, there are many lubricant brands that are eyeing on sustaining your vehicle at long and taking care of it every moment to get you smoothly going while cruising the roads. These brands include Total, Castrol, Shell, Mobil1, and Caltex and the list goes on. So, making it difficult for us to choose out of all these premium and quality lubricants for our vehicle. The best way is to choose the brand that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and as is described in the owner’s manual. That pre-defined lubricant brand and specific engine oil might contain all the qualities and pre-requisites to sustain our vehicle over a long period.


Let’s discuss some of the Premium lubricants and lubricant brands to sustain our vehicle and to choose wisely. First of all, is Total Quartz range which includes TOTAL QUARTZ 9000, TOTAL QUARTZ 5000, TOTAL QUARTZ 4000, TOTAL QUARTZ 3000, TOTAL QUARTZ CNG, TOTAL QUARTZ with ART, are some of the long-lasting and extended interval between oil change, engine oils to look after your vehicle’s engine and to sustain its life with its full potential. Another range, TOTAL RUBIA range is crafted specifically for heavy-duty engines and these oils deliver long-term performance, immediate protection at start-up and help to reduce polluting emissions. The more efficiently the engine performs, the lesser the fuel consumed. The lesser the fuel consumed the better it is for your business.

Protect your engine

Some other in the range includes Mobil1 Synthetic motor oils with different grades and different viscosities to protect your engines. These engine oils offer greater stability and vitality across a wide range of engine variations and oxidation states and for different temperature variations. Next in the list are Valvoline SYNPower fully synthetic motor oils with different grades and viscosities that are efficient with performance and for different temperature ranges and weather conditions. SYNPower motor oils are efficient in performance for heavy-duty engines and supercharged or turbocharged engines.

Shell Rotella Fully Synthetic engine oils

Another in the list is Shell Rotella fully Synthetic engine oils that are equipped with a combination of improved wear performance, deposit control, and heat resistance capabilities. The variations of these Rotella series engine oils guarantee the minimization of mechanical wear, contaminant deposits and overheating of the engine parts or friction. That is the way, they improve fuel economy and boost the performance of your engine.

Mobil1 High Mileage motor oils

Another in the list is Mobil1 High Mileage motor oils. These are of the type that could be well-crafted for old vehicles with many mileage travelled. These are well-suited to sustain your old engine and avoid wear and tear of the parts, and contaminated deposits. Another one to best serve your vehicle is Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage motor oils that are also designed for engines with over 75,000 mileage driven. These are some of the premium brand motor oils to cater to your vehicle with safe hands and sustain its life at long with proper consideration and handling. Choose wisely and enjoy delightful rides across the roads.