Benefits of an EFI

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There are several reasons why you should have an electric fuel pump installed in your vehicle, and with an electric fuel pump controller, you can really improve engine performance. There are different fuel pumps for different vehicles.

Fuel Injection

Within an internal combustion engine, a fuel injection mixes fuel with air. There is no need for carburetors in these systems. Most often, gasoline and diesel engines rely on fuel injection. Since the initial invention of this system, there have been many improvements in function. The injectors force atomized fuel through a nozzle by pressure. The pump is a part of the fuel supply, while the injector is really just made of the valve and nozzle.

Benefits of an EFI

Electric fuel pumps (EFI) have made it easier for the fuel injection to be used with a variety of fuel types. With the pumps, it created similarities between the diesel and gasoline fuel hardware. One of the primary benefits would be cleaner emissions on the environment. Fuel efficiency is another benefit. The EFI makes increases output, reducing the number of fill-ups at the pump. It also making starting easier, as you no longer need to push on the gas pedal when starting the vehicle. The maintenance timeline is reduced, which also saves you money. The engine operates smoothly and consistently no matter what the temperature of the weather may be. The cylinders get the fuel they need and work towards maximum power potential. As this happens, the engine power improves.

A vehicle with a fuel injection system has more power when compared to vehicles operating using carburetors. Keeping your injection system in good shape can be done with purchased injection cleaner kits. Some disassembly will be required, so if you don’t have a mechanical inclination, it may be best to visit your local mechanic to have a serious cleaning down. However, there are liquid additives that can be used with your gas fill up to clean up the system.