Switching from Sedan to Crossover

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There are literally thousands of vehicles available in the market, so the question is how can you choose only one and stick to it? Well, the reality is that most car owners today choose not a precise vehicle, but a type of car’s body and then remain devoted to it for almost the rest of their lives. However, there are people who are constantly in search and they frequently switch from sedans to crossovers. If you are one of them, then this article will be of great use for you. Read how to painless switch from one car type to another.

Switching from Sedan to Crossover

Similar Features

While from the first glance crossovers and sedans might look like completely different vehicles, there are still some similarities between them. Both sedans and crossovers are very similar in road handling characteristics. Secondly, many crossovers have the same types of engines as sedans instead of the larger V8 units that in most cases are associated with SUVs.

Different Features

Regardless of the existing similarities, crossovers like Toyota RAV4 have bigger clearance (they are higher above the ground) than sedan packaging arrangements; as a result crossovers are preferable for off-road rides. Secondly, most crossovers have larger trunks and are generally of five-door bodies while sedans may come in three-doors options.

Comparison of other features


In terms of space these cars differ a lot, and this is why one would opt for Toyota RAV4 and not Fiat 500. Crossovers can offer not only significantly more trunk space, but also much more spacious back seas to provide passengers with greater comfort too.


Sedans are generally considered to be much more luxurious vehicles than crossovers, so many people are afraid to lose this luxury when switching to crossovers. While Fiat 500 is not the most luxurious vehicle, it still has its soft lines and appealing lights that create the unique style of this car. But automotive professionals explain that there is no need to be afraid of losing your status when sitting behind a crossover wheel. Such vehicles like Toyota RAV4 were created with luxury in mind so its leather seats and amazing cabin will definitely help forget your previous vehicle pretty fast.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a common concern for drivers planning to buy crossovers. No surprise that no one wants to pay more for fuel and so give up a sedan. This is one more feature that is being worked over by automotive experts. Crossovers already consume much less fuel than SUVs, for instance, but sedans still remain the winners in this respect.


Generally fuel economy of sedans, and especially small sedans like Fiat 500, is better than one of crossovers. For this reason people have hesitations about crossovers. However, the latter type of vehicles was called the safest one in 2015. That means that you might compromise a little in price or size when choosing a crossover, but you will definitely gain in safety features that are the fundamental of safe and confident driving.