To Fix or Replace a Glass Windshield?

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Windshields are specifically made to provide additional support to vehicles and also to take on the stress of highway travel, however, damage does unavoidably happen. Windshields are made up of two glass layers that sandwich an inner layer of safety glass. The inner layer is known as lamination, holds the broken outer layer in cases of accidents. That’s why windshields crack after it’s hit by an object instead of breaking apart in many situations.


Do I have to replace my windshield or can it be repaired?

Repairing or replacing windshields in Victoria BC will be subject to the severity, location, and size of the damage. Most windshield repair shops are capable of repairing minor cracks and rock chips up to 3 inches. Anything that’s bigger will most likely require replacement.

The area of the damage is also significant in knowing the fate of your windshield. Cracks on the edge of windshields will likely spread fast and may compromise the glass’ structural integrity. If caught early, such damage can be easily repaired. However, in many cases, it is normally recommended to have your windshield replaced.

But, there are shops that utilize a special method that lets them repair cracks that are 12 inches long. So it’s important to assess the damage before deciding to replace your windshield.

Also, some shops don’t repair damages that are directly on the line of vision of the driver. Since repairing this area will leave minor distortions on the glass, and some shops would rather opt for a replacement instead of compromising the vision of the driver.

It is always recommended to have damages repaired immediately. If you wait longer to repair it, dirt can slip into the area, which will affect the clarity and effectiveness of the repair.

Lastly, take note, if a windshield is hit by a big object, it is simply beyond repair because huge impacts or damage can’t be fixed anymore and will opt for replacement.

As soon as you see chips or cracks on the windshield, “speed” is the key. Sometimes small cracks can stretch. And, cracks will lead to chips. What’s more, dirt and dust will go into the chips, which will make repairing more challenging. Any kind of delay could lead to an extensive and costly windshield replacement by First Response Glass.