Car Repair Services | Things You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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Different Car Repairs That Require a Professional’s Expertise

Nowadays, many prefer to perform their own “DIY repairs.” With a search on the internet, you can easily find DIY videos on car repairs online. However, without proper knowledge and skills, this can cause even more damage to your vehicle in the long run. Major repairs and other complicated tasks should only be handled by experts. Listed below are some car repair services you shouldn’t attempt on your own.

Repairing the Air Conditioner

When your car’s AC unit starts to fail, it may be tempting to repair it yourself. However, it is a more complex system than most people think. It involves chemicals such as Freon and other fluids that may be more harmful if mishandled.

The fans in your AC unit can easily be damaged if inappropriate force is applied during its removal or installation. The unit’s compressors may need replacement as they wear down over time with use. Consult a professional to repair your vehicle’s air conditioner to prevent these issues.

Replacing a Windshield

A cracked or chipped windshield can be both annoying and dangerous. Replacing it yourself can be troublesome as well. You may end up getting cuts or scrapes if you attempt to remove the glass panel without specific tools and resources.

Special tools are needed to prevent injuries during windshield replacements. These devices are not easily accessible. Professional mechanics and specialty auto repair shops are your best bet when you need your windshield replaced.

Balancing Tires

Replacing tires during an emergency on the side of the road can easily be done without a professional. However, when it comes to balancing tires, it takes specific calibration equipment and experience to properly execute this task. This is necessary to prevent poor handling performance while driving.

Well-balanced tires can preserve your vehicle’s wheels, rims, suspension, and other parts while being driven. Car manufacturers design and use specialized tools to balance the tires of each vehicle they produce. Professional mechanics and auto shops have access to some of this equipment.

Performing Transmission Repairs

A car’s transmission system is composed of many moving and stationary parts, which are all intricately assembled. Trying to repair your vehicle’s transmission is both time-consuming and dangerous. Any small error during the process can lead to disastrous results.

Cars rely on the transmission system to handle increasing and decreasing speeds as well as fuel economy, among other things. It also uses a specific fluid to decrease friction between its gears. Highly consider auto shops because they are better suited to repair and reassemble this complex system.

Installing a Radio or DVD Player

With the plethora of DIY videos on the internet, upgrading or changing your car’s DVD player or stereo unit may seem easy. However, this task requires proper knowledge and at least some electrical wiring experience. You may need to snip off some wires and attach them to existing ones.

Your car’s battery will have to be disconnected to prevent being shocked while swapping out the old stereo unit. But this doesn’t necessarily protect you from experiencing electrical shocks in the process. Mishandling the battery and wires may even cause fires. Another possibility is wiring the whole system but learning that it doesn’t work. 

Fixing the Timing Belt

If you own an older vehicle, it may have a timing belt. This rubber belt is part of the engine as it synchronizes its valves and pistons as you drive your car. Any crack or tear can cause your vehicle to malfunction. The engine will have to be disassembled as well to replace this belt.

Taking your car’s engine apart is not an easy task as some vehicles require it to be lifted up and out of the hood first. Specific tools are required to take their parts out before the timing belt can be reached. It is highly advisable to have a professional fix this essential part of your car.

Leave Your Car Repairs to the Experts!

While it is ideal to save on costly repairs, bringing your auto to a professional mechanic is still the best course of action. They not only have the right knowledge and skills, but they can also provide quality car repair services you may need. Visit an auto shop today and get your vehicle fixed the right way!