The Ins and Outs of Quality Windshield Replacement

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Insurance journals report that wind shields are one of the top insurance claims in the United States. One of the most common reasons for windshield replacement is minor edge cracks around the perimeter of the windshield, known to be the weakest area of the glass.

Cracks are Distracting & Dangerous

A minor crack in the windshield places the entire vehicle’s structural integrity at risk. This can lead to injuries and be even more serious, remember that the windshield is also supporting the roof of your car. Your car roof has a higher risk of collapse upon an impact.

A crack in your windshield that is in line of your eye also distracts your attention from the road. Not only can it draw attention away from the road, but also cause sunlight from shining awkwardly in the eye. A larger crack can even obstruct your view causing lapses to notice a bump, a hurdle, and even a bystander.

It’s Time to Call the Experts

Cracks around the perimeter of the wind screen and those somewhere in the middle that starts growing require you to immediately call in the experts. At GlassGenie our windshield replacement unit arrives at your location to immediately observe the damage and discuss possible replacement options. In most cases a simple windshield repair does the job, but if replacement is necessary our experts will advise you accordingly.

Your Convenience Matters

It is our goal to make the replacement process as convenient as possible. You can book an appointment and our mobile team will come to your location to analyze the damage at your convenience. Our professional team arrives at your doorstep at home, work, and even when on the road. The team will evaluate damage, and offer you the best windshield replacement in Dallas.

Getting Quotes

Front and rear windshield replacement can be terribly costly. At GlassGenie, our evaluation team gets quotes from several vendors for you to choose from. No matter which ride you have, we assist you to find a new windshield with brilliant & affordable prices.

Our standardized quotes are celebrated by both our thousands of satisfied customers and our insurance partners. Customers are assured of quality replacement parts and highest service quality, so they can observe in person without worrying about negotiating for quotes.

We Come Prepared

Our expert team comes prepared for the job with a replacement wind screen and all required equipment for the job. The professionally trained mobile team ensures no lapses and completes the task, in the fastest possible times.

Quality Assured Windshield Repair & Replacement

Our mobile teams are trained to assure the highest standards of on the field service quality. The mobile unit ensures your vehicle’s integrity is maintained and confirms the safety of the windshield once installed. Following industry guidelines & best practices the team conforms to all security checks making sure your car is in mint condition.

Approved by Insurance Companies

GlassGenie maintains well established relationships with insurance companies, providing most trustworthy wind screen replacement quotes.

Give GlassGenie a call for your urgent windshield replacement in Dallas, Texas and be assured of the best service, quotes, and product quality. Give us a call or contact us using our online form today.