Get The Most Out Of Driving With A Luxury Vehicle

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Across North America, luxury vehicles are seeing something of a renaissance. The sportier, more function-driven looks and options that dominated the automotive industry in the early 21st century are slowly giving way to high-end design with a more classic aesthetic and deluxe packaging, and customers are responding.

According to the most recent data, Canadians are buying luxury vehicles in unprecedented numbers: as of last year, luxury car sales account for 11 percent of new vehicle sales in Canada, and represent nearly 60 percent of the increase in overall new car sales. Many industry watchers attribute the growth in this market to a new appreciation on the part of middle and upper class Canadians for the value and comfort that luxury brands represent, and note that this movement is in line with the growing success of premium brands across sectors. Just as high fashion boutiques are making inroads across the country, so too are luxury automobiles.

For consumers upgrading to a luxury car for the first time, one of the most trusted and popular brands is Lincoln. Long a standard bearer for the North American luxury market, Lincoln has managed the difficult feat of becoming a timeless brand the appeal of which is still deeply rooted in a set of clear cultural signifiers. The turmoil of the 21st century has created a deep nostalgia across broad sectors of the population for the perceived stability, class, and affluence of the mid-20th century, which has been on display in everything from high profile television shows like Mad Men to a renewed interest in classic suit cuts and traditional fabrics and patterns. Cars like the Lincoln Continental, which was the vehicle of choice for every president from Kennedy to Reagan, tap into that very same sense of nostalgia.

This is not to suggest that nostalgia is the only force driving the resurgent interest in luxury vehicles. Brands like Lincoln have also been assiduous in keeping up with the demands of new generations of drivers, who want a greater range of choice and may be more inclined to purchase a luxury crossover SUV than a sedan.

If you check out the new Lincolns at the dealership in Brampton, you will find that it attracts shoppers from across the Greater Toronto Area by offering attractive deals for customers who want to consider a variety of different luxury options, from the attractive mid-size MKZ sedan (also available as a hybrid) to the midsize MKX and the legendary full-size Lincoln Navigator, the luxury SUV that has been turning heads since it first hit the market twenty years ago.

All indicators suggest that Canadians’ interest in high-end luxury vehicles is not going to slow down in 2018, and car aficionados who want to experience the luxury, history, and class of the Continental and other premium Lincoln vehicles are in good company. With interest strong and more options available than ever before, Lincoln is at the forefront of what is shaping up to be a new golden age for luxury vehicles.