Things ‘Not’ To Do While Buying a Japanese Used Car

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Buying a used vehicle is considered quite an economical option for many of us out there. Not only it gives us financial ease in the first place, it simultaneously keeps us away from the terrible depreciation of a new vehicle. However, there are usually a few things that one should avoid when going through the process of buying their second-hand vehicles.

Similarly, when going for a second-hand vehicle from Japan, one needs to be quite cautious taking the steps towards finalizing their purchase decision, in order to make sure that the car you are purchasing will give you the best value for the money you have spent.

If you are interested to buy a used vehicle from Japan, go through the following don’ts which will assist you making the right decision, and eventually give you complete peace of mind:

Don’t Avoid a Thorough Research

Imagine buying a vehicle which you hardly know about and later find yourself filled with remorse. Honestly, there is no reason to make a quick vehicle purchase unless you aren’t sure what you are actually buying.

First, find a reputable car dealer from Japan who stocks good condition used vehicles and simultaneously provide customers opportunities to get their vehicles through car auctions. With an established car dealer online, customers could easily find all the details regarding the vehicles they are interested to buy. They need to go through the vehicle inspection report and history, which will help them in knowing whether their considered vehicle has been into an accident, or gone through any major repairs.

Don’t Just Go For the Looks

You might be interested to buy a vehicle on its glossy exteriors, but you might not know what’s stored for you inside.

Buying a car just based on what it just looks, rather than what it actually is, will make you end up in difficulties at a later stage. There are many used cars that are sold regularly while appearing to be perfect, yet have been gone through a total makeover. So it’s wise just not to go for the looks only.

Don’t Overpay

Many car dealers constantly try to sell additional services which will make you paying up a higher overall price for the vehicle. At times you might get attracted by other services which are hardly useful when you will be importing your vehicle from Japan. Services like car insurance and protective coatings will make you eventually pay higher. Additionally, make sure to go through the invoice provided by your car dealer just to avoid paying any sort of fictions fees.

Don’t Make Your Purchase from Doubtful Sources

Since the popularity of Japanese used vehicles has become increasingly high, there are too many disreputable sellers operating out there. Always search into the car dealer’s history and business practices through which you are trying to buy your car from.

Connect with a car dealer which has been operating in the Japanese used car trading industry for some years of time. Make sure all their practices are legit and have a higher approval rate by the customers that have taken their services.

Don’t Simply Go For Modified Vehicles

Although buying a modified vehicle could save you a few bucks here and there. But it’s always wise to go for one simply because of just some added bells and whistles.

Since some past decades car modifications have been on a high, allowing car owners to place in add-ons for their comfort, ease, and vehicle looks etc. though they are not bad at all, but at times keeps you away from the originality of the vehicle and distract you from their actual condition.

Don’t Go For a Very Low Priced Vehicle

Quite often you will find many Japanese used cars available at very low prices. But you should stay alert that these vehicles may not be the right ones for you.

Many car buyers make the mistake of getting distracted by low price stickers of the vehicles available to purchase, instead of going for a vehicle with a realistic price tag. Later ending up in trouble buying a vehicle which requires a lot of repairs and maintenance over the years.

Remember, a cheap vehicle may not be the best bargain that you might be getting in reality.


Though going for a second-hand vehicle from Japan is one of the best decision you are planning to take. But you should do all your homework before going for one.

Make sure you get connected with professionals and ask their suggestions. Meanwhile trusting your instincts that will help you avoid making a poor purchase.

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Francis Andrew is a well-experienced used automobile sales agent currently providing his services at Japanese used cars auction. In his leisure time, he writes, guiding his readers to find the most suitable vehicles online.