Tips for Getting the Best Price from Cash for Scrap Cars Service

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A car removal service is one of the best ways to get instant cash for a junk car. Many people have no idea that they can actually make good money from the junk sitting in the yard. Car removal services, also known as cash for scrap cars services are a quick and convenient way to get rid of the eyesore and put some cash in your pocket instantly. There are a few ways you can ensure that you get the best deal for your junk car.


Do Comparison Shopping

There are probably a few options in your area to choose from but you shouldn’t go with just the one you know. Find out how many car removal services there are in your area and ask for a quote. This is a great way to negotiate a fair rate and ensure that you are getting the maximum amount for your car.

Sell the Car as Your Own

Most car removal services don’t care whether the car is registered or not, but this fact tends to affect the price of your car. If possible, get your car registered. It may be worth doing some digging to ensure that the extra effort is worth the result. Call the car removal service and find out how much they pay for registered vehicles vs unregistered ones. You might be surprised that the difference is significant or none at all.

Know How Much It’s worth

Speak to a mechanic or other car expert to get an estimate of how much your car is worth for scrap. Again, this figure should help to negotiate a good price and sell with confidence. The estimated value of the car may also differ with the market rate depending on who you speak to so use this information as a guideline rather than an absolute fact.

Find Out About Costs

Many car removal services advertise the fact that they offer cash for scrap, but neglect to mention that there might be deductions in how much you eventually get. Some companies charge a towing or processing fee. Find out about such charges so there is no discrepancy between how much you think you’ll get for your car vs how much you actually get.

Final Thoughts

Most car removal services are happy to negotiate a price so this factor is worth keeping in mind. There is no shame in trying to get a better deal, even for scrap, as long as your request is reasonable. Car removal services are cheap, quick and convenient and are preferred to used car dealers and many other options.