How to Break Car Glass Quickly

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We’ve all seen the stories on the local news or even shared through social media sites like Facebook, cases of a young child left inside a very hot vehicle.With so many stories going viral it’s handy to know just how to quickly break car glass if you ever come across a situation so you can help the trapped child.

Anyone who’s ever had their vehicle glass broken by vandals often believes it’s really not all that difficult to accomplish. The truth is glass manufacturers have strengthened auto glass for safety reasons. When someone comes across a child trapped inside a hot car their instincts kick in and they grab the nearest object and proceed to hammer at the center of the window.

These incidents are happening with regularity even with all the attention it’s attracted , so it’s helpful to know the quickest and safest way to step in and rescue that child. Here are some tips courtesy of the experts at First Response Auto Glass and Repair.


First of all you want to towards the edges of the glass which is it’s weakest place, the strongest part of auto glass is actually the center where a person instinctively strikes. The next point to remember is choose a window as far away from the trapped child as possible. Shattered glass is made to break into thousands of pieces that wind up flying everywhere.

Tinted glass is going to have a different result than regular glass when you try breaking it because tinted glass will hold together. You can proceed to push the whole window out after breaking it by striking it’s weakest point around the edges. To break car glass a hammer, screwdriver or anything with a sharp edge will work and you may have one of these in your car. When using a hammer use the side of the hammer rather than the hammer side of it.

While it may seem safe to leave a child in the car while you do a quick errand this harmless practice can easily become anything but. It’s important to know that a car can warm to dangerous, life threatening levels in just 10 minutes. Something to keep in mind when you’re out with your kids.