Snacks You Can Keep in Your Car

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“Hunger can strike you in the oddest times. Very often you will find yourself driving on your way home from work, out doing errands as well as just being placed in a traffic jam when hunger pangs suddenly spring upon you. You can hear your stomach growling and simply wish you needed something, anything that might help you overcome this moment. The last thing you want to do is to stop at a store or convenience area and obtain something that you know you will regret eating from the beginning. Luckily, you may plan ahead just for such an occasion. There are a number of great snacks that you can stay in your car so you have them handy for whenever you are anyone else needs something to tide them over.

• Mix it Up – In an ideal world there will be a small refrigerator in your car where you could keep fruits and vegetables that would stay fresh and be great for snacks. Unless you happen to be driving an RV every day, this is not going to take place. What you can do is the next ideal thing and have some form of trail mix or fruit mix that you can make on your own. You will want to use dried fruits for this and mix in some nuts and seeds that you really. Use it all in the zip bag for your glove compartment and you may just reach for some whenever you need it.

• Rice Cakes – Rice cakes have gotten a fairly bad rap over the years as basically being flavorless, tasteless puffs of air. The cakes have changed quite a bit since they first came around and now come with some great flavors and have minimal in the way of calories. If you are just coming from the gym after a workout and want something to have prior to getting home, these are perfect quick snack for you personally, particularly.


• Tuna – Many people have turned into eating and keeping little packs or pouches of tuna as q quick snack. If you appreciate, Tuna comes with protein so it is great for you and you can even get little packs with crackers. Just remember to toss the pouch away right when you are getting somewhere so you do not come back to your car by using a fishy odor.


• Baby Food – While it may not be everyone’s first choice, baby food today is made from 100 % natural ingredients, has little in the way of tastes and calories good. One little jar of fruit or vegetables might be just what you must help you get through the hunger.


You can keep some simple and easy quick snacks in your glove compartment or the center console of your car so you can access them whenever you might need them. Remember to replenish them now and again so you generally have some on hand. If your car does not have good storage space for several easy snacks, why not consider upgrading to a vehicle that gives you more room? You can find the perfect car at the Universal City Nissan dealership known as Downtown Nissan so you can have a great ride every day and the right place to keep your mobile snacks.”