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4 Best Spare Auto Parts To Buy

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Many people dispose of their old car or truck without a second thought. However, some parts on these vehicles may still work and can be useful to resell or refurbish as a hobby. Here are four of the best spare auto parts to buy. 

1. Exterior Accessories

If a vehicle no longer runs, the exterior accessories can still be used to replace those on another car or for decoration in a tool shed or garage. Examples of such accessories include spoilers, windshield wiper blades, mirrors, light covers and hubcaps. Restoring these objects back to their original shine goes a long way in making them look nice elsewhere. Finding used pickup truck bodies for sale is a good option in obtaining these spare accessories. 

2. Lights

Cars contain a plethora of lights in various shapes and sizes including taillights, turn signal lights, license plate lights and trunk lights. Provided they are …