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HVLP vs LVLP Paint Sprayers Which One Works Best?

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The paint gun sprays paint or varnish through the air onto a surface. The most common systems use compressed gas so that the material comes out with the correct pressure. 

The best HVLP spray guns are the evolution of the traditional airbrush used to do detailed work. These guns, on the other hand, are used for large surfaces and can be used manually or automatically. They also have interchangeable nozzles for changing the spray pattern.

The origins of the paint gun date back to 1887 and come from the United States. Over the years, they changed the design until, in 1907, Dr. Allen DeVilbiss’s son improved on his father’s invention by creating the first manual paint gun using compressed air. The company founded by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss still exists today and is, in fact, the world leader in conventional spray guns. 

What kind of spray paint guns are on the …