New Windshield Care Tips

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Cracked windshields are dangerous. Because your windshield is part of your vehicle’s safety features, any damage can compromise its ability to keep you safe. For example, your vision may be impaired by cracks and chips, but the windshield also won’t be as strong and able to withstand weather and accidents. Therefore, it is important that you repair or replace your windshield quickly. As you search for local shops, e.g., windshield replacement Baton Rouge, consider these tips to ensure your new windshield lasts.

Avoid Jarring

First, you should avoid driving your vehicle for at least one hour after the windshield is installed. Bumps and jarring cause by regular driving can shift the windshield, compromising the seal and adhesive. If you have to drive within a few days, avoid potholes and bumps, and consider driving slower than normal. In addition, slamming doors adds pressure to the inside of the vehicle that can affect the windshield’s ability to seal properly, possibly causing leaks.

Keep Things Away From the Windshield

Before installation, clean the inside and outside of the car near the windshield, including the dashboard and hood area. Then, keep these areas clean. Do not clean the new windshield for at least 48 hours. However, you can clean the areas around the windshield, outside the seal area, to ensure dirt and debris don’t get into the adhesive or seal. Also, don’t cover your vehicle, and avoid using any type of sun shade inside the windshield.

Consider a New Route

If the damage to your old windshield was the result of vandalism, bad roads or other impediments, consider changing your route. You may choose to park in the shade and drive along roads with better maintenance. Avoid potholes and otherwise bumpy roads for at least the first few days after your replacement.

Open a Window

Keeping your windows closed can change the air pressure inside the vehicle, putting pressure on your new windshield’s seal. Therefore, leave at least one window cracked open for a few days after installation.

Ensure that you have a safe windshield by working with a reputable shop.