Rights of Fathers and Other Parents

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In the past, family courts attended side with mothers, especially those of very young children, on problems with custody. But fathers’ rights issues are getting increasingly prevalent within the arena of family law as many fathers feel discriminated against supported their gender and denied legal services for fathers.

Because of this, fathers are pursuing protection for his or her legal rights in multiple areas of family law, from paternity to adoption.

Rights of Fathers and Other Parents

Parentage and Paternity

Parentage may be a word utilized in dependency court to ask a child’s legal parents. Sometimes it’s mentioned as “paternity.” There are several sorts of legal parents in dependency court and you’ll qualify as a legal parent albeit you’re not biologically associated with the kid.

Alleged Parents

Most fathers or other parents in dependency cases begin as alleged fathers or parents. You’re considered to be an alleged father or parent if the mother of your child has told the caseworker that you simply are the daddy or other parent. You’re also considered an alleged father or other parent if you show up to the primary hearing and say that you simply are the parent of the kid.

Biological fathers

You are a biological father if a DNA test shows that you simply are the daddy of your child otherwise you have a judgment of paternity from a family law court. As a biological father, you’ve got the proper to note of dependency hearings and therefore the right to point out that you simply is a presumed father.

Presumed Parents

You can qualify as a presumed parent in several alternative ways. These are the foremost common ways to point out the court you’re the presumed parent:

Your name is on your child’s certificate,

There is a domestic relations court order that establishes parental relationship (click to find out about Parentage in family court), or

You have acted just like the child is your own and raised the kid as your own.