A quick overview of Ute canopy prices and what’s available on the market

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Are you searching for a new ute canopy? There are a few different types of canopies available on the market with varying prices, depending on the construction materials and other configurations. Canopies are very popular because you can store all your camping gear or tradie’s tools safely in the back of your Ute and keep everything organised.

The most popular construction material for Ute canopies is fibreglass, and then there are steel and aluminium canopies, and fabric canopies. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn and at the likely costs you will pay for each of them.

Canopies manufactured from fibreglass 

These are the most common type of Ute canopy you will see on our roads, and they are available in both single and dual cab designs, as well as extra cab sizes. Many Ute manufacturers also sell canopies specifically designed for their Utes, so there’s plenty of options on the market. Some of these fibreglass canopies will bolt onto flat tray beds and others will attach to the top of the tray body. They are available in a limited range of colours (white being by far the predominant colour), and usually have sliding windows on either side and a lift up door at the rear. If you also want to attach a roof rack to your canopy, that can be a big problem with fibreglass canopies, as they can’t take the extra weight. You’ll need to install additional support internal or external to the canopy, if you want to use a roof rack as well. We’ll discuss fibreglass Ute canopy options at the end of this post.

Canopies manufactured from steel & aluminium 

These are for die-hard tradies who love their Utes, but need the extra strength of steel. It’s usually because these tradies tend to give their Utes a beating carrying heavy equipment; the steel is in all the right places to give the canopy the added strength it needs. These heavy canopies are usually bolted straight onto the Ute tray, but they can also be designed to replace the tray entirely, although that’s not a common occurrence. On the other hand, aluminium canopies are great if you want something really lightweight. Although fibreglass is also light, aluminium is stronger. Steel is the strongest of the three materials, so it can take the most beating, but it’s also very heavy. You need to check your Ute’s GVM to make sure you don’t go overweight with a steel canopy. We’ll discuss steel and aluminium Ute canopy prices at the end of this post.