Best Extended Auto Warranty Plans In New Jersey? Liberty Auto Protection Group

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Cars are unpredictable. A sudden breakdown can leave you stranded, forcing you to rearrange your day and possibly paying for expensive emergency repair bills. Unless, of course, you have an extended auto warranty.

There’s been much debate over whether drivers need extended warranty or not. It is safe to conclude that the answer is a definitive “yes”. And if you are looking for programs that cover a wide range of options and benefits, Liberty Auto Protection Group comes highly recommended.

New Cars vs. Used Cars

One of the best things about extended auto warranty programs is that the cover is appropriate for all vehicles. Your new car can still be covered even after the manufacturer’s warranty times out and used cars can be protected past their insurable period.

Liberty Auto Protection Group is one of the few that provide flexible extended service agreements to customers. These allow drivers to get coverage for cars that do not qualify for the standard warranty.

Routine Repairs vs. Emergency Repair

Routine repairs are easy to predict, plan and budget for. Emergency repair, on the other hand, is sudden and without proper coverage, you may end up paying for costs out-of-pocket.

Because of wear and tear, used cars are obvious candidates for extended warranty. It is inevitable for car parts to age over time. From engine failure to faulty brakes, every driver knows it is only a matter of time before the car goes in for repairs.

However, new cars have proven that they are also susceptible to sudden breakdowns despite being technologically advanced. With electrical systems becoming more complex, it is hard to tell when it will happen … until it does.

When you get coverage from Liberty Auto Protection Group, you receive roadside assistance and car rental to minimize the interruption in your travel plans. Drivers can then take vehicles to be fixed at a number of repair shops available nationwide.

Standard Options vs. Extended Benefits

Liberty Auto Protection stands out for several reasons. Firstly, extended warranty plans are suitable for all drivers. Secondly, drivers are taken care of in the case of an emergency.

Thirdly, the coverage is well thought out. It covers multiple scenarios and a broader range of problems you could have with your car. This makes it one of the most versatile, customizable services out there.

For instance, drivers with cars that are likely to incur engine problems can take out coverage against engine failure. Plans also include Powertrain protection, as well as Powertrain Enhanced to cover those elements of a vehicle that are often costly to fix.

General vs. Flexible Cover

It used to be that drivers would go through different plans and select one even if it meant paying for benefits they would never use. Not anymore. Liberty Auto Protection plans are designed to provide tailored solutions for individual needs.

You are free to consider all factors before choosing a plan. How long is your commute? Are there any other drivers of the car that may accelerate wear and tear? Which parts do you frequently have to repair? Because plans are formulated to address a variety of needs, it won’t be hard to find one that speaks specifically to yours.

Having someone reliable and experienced in an emergency is vital. And having served the residents of Ocean, New Jersey for decades, the Liberty Auto Protection Group has had plenty of practice.

Whether you’re shopping for a better deal or are a new driver looking to learn about your options, get in touch with Liberty Auto Protection on their hotlines to work out the perfect coverage for your prized possession.