Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Cover

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Because of the variety of car covers available, you need to be guided on what factors to check so that you can have one that will perfectly do its purpose. The first thing to consider when buying a new cover is by determining where you will use it. Are you going to use it outdoors or when you park the car inside the garage? This factor is important because it is where you can identify the possible dangers. By knowing the specific threats, you can decide what kind of cover to have.

When parked indoors, the main threats are bumps and scratches which could be caused by furniture and other objects inside the garage. For this problem, you can choose a cover which is thick and would serve as a cushion against furniture edges. Another danger when parked inside is the formation of condensation. Any amount of moisture can potentially damage the car’s finish. To avoid moisture from forming, the cloth fiber should be thick but at the same time made of a breathable material so there will be a positive airflow that will eliminate moisture. For outdoor parking, potential dangers include theft, intense weather, and debris. When you are in a particularly dangerous part of the city where theft is a big problem, it would be very unwise to leave your car out in the open. Prevent this by shielding it with a car cover to avert the attention of thieves. Intense weather conditions like snow, rain, and sunlight could harm the car’s exterior. A weatherproof cover would be perfect to protect it from the harmful effects of these conditions. If you want, you can have weather- specific covers for your car.

Have one that is intended for a snowy weather, one for the rainy season, and another for the sunny days. This is the perfect way to weatherproof your car and make the finish look brilliant at all times. Choose durable types of car covers which will not only protect against an extreme weather but would also work against other debris. Parking outdoors exposes your car into trees, smoke, bird poop, and dust that are all damaging to the car. With a durable and long-lasting cover, these dangers are less prominent and will give you a bigger chance of keeping the car at its best.

Choosing the best car cover always depend on the amount of protection that the car needs. Never hesitate to ask about what materials are used to make the cover, or inquire about the best ones to use for your car. It always pays to have all kinds of information that will help you decide which one to have. Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong cover for your car. Give your car the care that it needs by providing it with the perfect cover.

Accessories That Will Go Well With Car Covers

There is no question about the amount of safety that car covers provide. They ensure that your car gets protected against natural elements like dust, rain, snow, and sunlight. They even protect against bumps and dents from debris, people, and the content of the garage. It is therefore important that aside from choosing the best car covers, you should have the best accessories that will go with them so that the level of protection is increased.

In choosing accessories for your cover, you need to have products that are recommended by most car owners who have had an experience with getting their covers damaged due to the absence of the essential accessories. Experience is the best teacher so do not miss out on any of the accessories so will avoid having the same fate as those who chose to ignore buying them in the first place. Generally, there are three accessories that will work well with any of your covers:

  1. Gust guards. You can buy a cover without bothering to buy a gust guard. However, strong gusts of wind could potentially blow off the cover of the car. Once the car gets exposed, it will be at risk for the damages that you were so careful to avoid happening. Most of the times, strong winds could damage the cover too. With a gust guard, the car cover will stay in place and will hold against strong winds preventing any damage from occurring.
  2. 2. Clips and cords. You need to have adjustable clips and cords to hold the gust guards down. Usually, the clips and cords are attached to the cover hem on both the front and back wheels. Tension locks on the cords can be adjusted so that wind pressure will not have much effect on both the gust guard and the cover.
  3. Heavy duty bag. The best car covers need to have their own storage bag. And it should not be just any other bag. A sturdy, heavy-duty bag made of quality materials is a fitting choice. A car cover is not fun to lug around without a storage bag. Not only will it feel too heavy, it will also take a lot of space in the car’s compartment. This can be prevented by storing it carefully in a bag. It will also help to lengthen the cover’s lifespan providing more years of safety.

Do not gamble against the possibility of damaging your car cover. Choosing the best car covers is a tedious task, therefore, it is essential that once you have found what you need you to do your best to protect it and keep it in good shape at all times. Gust guards, clips and cords, and a heavy duty bag are relatively cheaper compared to buying a new cover. Choosing these accessories carefully will not only ensure the cover’s protection but your car’s wellbeing as well. Having accessories that will go well with your car cover is simply the best way to keep it safe and prolong its length of service.

Wash Your Car Cover Regularly To Ensure Its Longevity

Every car owner recognizes the advantage of having a car cover as it plays an important role in ensuring the car is protected from the elements. However, many often forget that it is also necessary to ensure that the cover itself is taken proper care of if it is to serve its purpose for long and effectively. While these covers come in different materials, the process of cleaning them is essentially the same.

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Depending on usage, a car cover will easily gather plenty of debris and light dust to the exterior. Use a regular hand brush with stiff bristles to get rid of the debris, preferably while the cover is still on top of the car. Remove the cover now and, if necessary, have someone help you to shake off the loose dust and debris off.

Depending on the material and size of the car cover, you can either wash it in a large basin or when stretched on the car. Some covers made from lightweight material are more naturally cleanable using the prior method. Heavy duty covers on the other hand might require you to clean them while they are stretched on the car. This will ensure you can reach each and every inch of the outer surface which is all that requires cleaning.

Begin by wiping off any dirt that could not be scratched off with a rinsing of clean water. This is an important step if you are cleaning a car cover that is mainly used outdoors. Use a cleaning cloth to glean the cover using gentle circular motion all over. Rinse the cloth after every few wipes until you have removed all the loose dust.

Inspect the surface of the cover to identify if there are any stains that may require special attention. These may include oil stains or birds’ droppings for instance. Apply a liberal amount of laundry detergent on these areas and add some drops of water to fix it. Leave the detergent to set for about fifteen minutes. Clean the entire surface with warm soapy water and then rinse with plenty of clean water. Proper care for car covers is essential to be sure they will serve you for a long time. Fortunately, the process of cleaning is easy irrespective of the material or application the cover is put to. The procedure will work just as well for an outdoor car cover as it will be useful for one used indoors.