What to do when rust attacks

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Before we get into the technicalities of removing rust from your car first we are going to define what exactly rust is and how it affects your car. Rust is iron oxide and is created by the presence of three main components; Anode, Cathode and electrolyte. Simply put, a combination of these three components causes rust on the body of your car which can lead to it not being able to live up to its expected lifespan, it can also lead to extra damages that’ll cost to repair. The aim of this post is to provide helpful advice on protecting our cars from rust and the damage that they bring with them as well as saving you money on future repair costs.



The first step in making sure that rust does not negatively affect your car is by washing and waxing regularly. The paint on your car is not only to make it look pretty but it also serves as a barrier between the metal and the outside world. Over an amount of time small scratches will appear and gaps in the protective layer of paint will form. It is at this point that iron oxide becomes a problem that needs to be addressed. When cleaning your car, you should make sure that you wipe off any excess water with a clean cloth, if you spot any cuts or bulges on your tyres you can look online for a mobile tyre fitting service near you. You must also pay close attention when cleaning and drying your tyres, make sure that you keep the water drainage points free from dirt too.

Interior cleaning

It is not surprising to find rust in the interior of your car as well, sometimes it can start from the inside of the car and work its way to the outside of the car. Some of the common causes are liquid spillages which can seep into the carpets and lurk underneath unnoticed. If you are driving around with children spills can be quite frequent but you should always wipe it up straight away to avoid it seeping further into the surface.


Keeping the car’s paint waxed is an effective way to make sure that the finish lasts a long time. The paint on your car is designed to protect your car from oxidation and it’s expensive to get redone, so taking care of it makes a lot of sense.

Weather conditions

We all know that rain will make metal go rusty eventually whenleft outside, it should come as no surprise that a metal object will become wet when exposed to the elements. When this happens, oxidation takes place and cars are a prime target. Exposed metal will be vulnerable to rain and sun as well as extreme temperatures. This is one of the speediest ways for a car to become rust infested.

Finally, remember that after you have washed your car you should look around it for rust. There may not be any in plain view but it is always a clever idea to also look inside the doors and around the drain holes in the body panels and in the wheel wells and under the car. If you spot and rust early you should make sure that you address it and make the necessary repairs so it doesn’t become a bigger problem in the future.