Top 4 Locations For Travel Nurses to Make Big Bucks

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Nurses have a unique opportunity and choices as RN’s are in high demand almost everywhere. For many the lure of travel, adventure of visiting new places and enjoying new experiences that attracts them to travel nursing. Still others pursue this way of life for the high salaries they are paid. Travel is expensive so combining travel with excellent remuneration make it worthwhile for RN’s. Some locations may have a high cost of living, however most times travel nurse agencies include pay to compensate for it.


Here are a list of the top 4 States offering the highest salaries, and highlight details of the cost of living in each State.


Average Wage: ( RN’s ) $101,260/ year $48.68/hr

Offering the highest salary in the country and who can’t appreciate the climate of this State. Demand for nurses is also higher here than other states as patient to nurse ratios are set out in California Law.

It’s rank as the third most expensive state to live in along with a high cost of living due mostly to the cost of housing. With housing costs eating up an average of 33% of a residents income the bonus of the travel nursing agency paying for accommodation will actually boost the nurses spending power.


Median Wage ( RN’s ) $ 90,130/yr  $43.33/hr

Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the entire country which doesn’t discourage most people of wanting to live there. With it’s beaches, temperate climate and rich local culture Hawaii is high on any travel nurse’s list. The average cost of housing takes a big chunk of residents income putting travel nurses in a strong financial position.


Median Wage ( RN’s ) $ 88,150/yr  $ 42.55/hr

Here the majestic scenery and pristine waters offer a very different experience for travel nurses and are in very high demand. Pay averages

$ 42.55 per hour making it an adventurous nurse’s personal gold rush. With housing costs a whopping 38% above the national average it makes the travel nurse’s housing allowance even more valuable.


Median Wage ( RN’s ) $ 83,800/yr  $ 40.29/hr

Oregon was a leader in the organic, sustainable and slow food movements, and renowned for it’s spectacular coastal scenery. Known as a mecca for quirky, progressive creatives it offers some of the highest wages for RN’s. Housing costs are relatively high here as well, however with food, living expenses and transportation reasonable it is a desirable choice for travel nurses.

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