The Battery Man brand has become a trusted name for supplying car batteries Durban

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The Battery Man brand has become a trusted name for supplying car batteries Durban. The company is known for only stocking brand name batteries and for never importing inferior products. They are the go to people for all types of batteries, but in particular car batteries Durban. This is because, that unlike other batteries, car batteries need to be installed. This usually requires a trip to a battery fitment centre where you would have to wait in line to choose your battery and then have it installed when the staff are done with the other people also waiting. Battery Man has revolutionized the industry and now have a full time team servicing this very need right in people’s homes. Since they supply all types of car batteries Durban, this also includes the bigger vehicles from tractors to boats.

Having these car batteries Durban delivered allows for less stress in having to haul them over to a fitment centre. Customers would simply just call the Battery Man sales office and place their order. All car batteries Durban sold by the company is sourced from South African company First Car Battery. The country has a very good reputation for its high quality standards and even top car brands, the likes of Mercedes and Volvo, use their batteries when vehicles are assembled in the country. This same high standard is sold to customers requiring them for their vehicles. Their car batteries Durban come in warranty terms of 12, 18, 24 or 36 month terms. Car batteries can last a long while if a professional services it once a year but there are a few things that owners can do as well.


Ensure the vehicle is used regularly. Car batteries Durban store the energy produced by the cars alternator. The alternator can only get to work when the car is in motion. This is why it is important that the vehicle is never idle for more than a week or so. Gravel roads cause vibratory damage to car batteries Durban. If travel on these roads are required regularly, then try and get a Jeep or van that can handle this type of terrain. During long driving journeys, it is important to take regular breaks so that the vehicle has a chance to cool down.

This will also give the driver a chance to recoup after being stationery for so long. Vehicles should also be parked in shaded areas. This is especially necessary in an area such as Durban where the temperatures can reach extreme numbers. Park vehicles in shaded parking bays or even building parkades. There are also a few things that drivers can watch out for to know that it is near time to get new car batteries Durban. The headlights will not be as bright anymore. The vehicle begins taking much longer to start up. This will particularly be a problem during colder days. Probably the most obvious would be the warning light coming from the dashboard. Of course, this is only applicable to newer model cars having this feature.