What Does the KIA 2017 Cadenza Have in Store For You?

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Shopping around for a vehicle is no easy task with there being so many makes and models to choose from. You may want to start this experience with the KIA 2017 Cadenza. Or if you have some other KIA vehicles in mind as well then be sure to pay a visit to Van Nuys KIA.

The KIA 2017 Cadenza is a luxury yet most affordable KIA vehicle that is expect to go on sale next year. It has some great new features that are creating a real buzz in the car industry. In Korea it is called the K7. While the 2016 version is also a great choice and is really impressive the 2017 is a touch more exciting.

What people are noticing most about the 2017 version is its angular look that has much sharper features. This has created a very distinct look for this vehicle. Originally the Cadenza was offered in the US in 2013.

What has inspired the look for the 2017 Kia Cadenza is the style of it which fits in with the European type luxury sedans. What is impressive is the wraparound LED headlights which are thinner in composition and are more angular looking than previous Cadenzas. There has been a new touch to the running lights which are under the headlights. The same applies to the fenders and the bumper, and what this has managed to do is to give the vehicle a more sporty plus muscular look. When one looks at the back of this vehicle they will soon note that the taillights are much thinner and sleeker looking. The bumper has a more angular look to it which departs from the round look to the bumper in the 2016 model. If you are in the market for buying a vehicle this year then chances are you will want to go for the 2016 version however if your plans are on hold for purchasing until next year then you really want to put the KIA 2017 cadenza at the top of your list. Before making your final decision, pay a visit to http://www.kiaofvalencia.com/.