Who Was At Fault For Your Biking Accident?

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Being involved in an accident while on your motorbike can have serious consequences, and if you weren’t at fault for the accident, then you could be left to pick up the pieces, financially, unless you can successfully prove that another party was at fault. Proving that fault lays elsewhere means that you are entitled to claim compensation from that party, allowing you to get back on your bike sooner and enabling you to get back to work and earning money as soon as possible.

Whereas cars have the stability of four wheels and two axles to keep them grounded after hitting potholes or rough surfaces, motorbikes do not have this same benefit. Hitting a pothole or rough stretch of road at speed means that you can end up losing balance and being thrown from your bike. Some stretches of road have become strewn with damage following local council budget cuts, and if this caused an accident that you were involved in, then you could be entitled to claim from the council.

Claiming from the council means that you will need to prove that road signs or road conditions were not suitable and did not come up to an adequate level at the time of the accident, and that this directly led to the accident. Proving fault, in this way, typically means lots of photographic and video evidence, as well as accident investigation reports. Consider taking photos yourself, immediately following the accident, and try to ensure that you get good quality images from the area.

Who Was At Fault For Your Biking Accident_

You may also want to take photographs if you have been involved in an accident with another vehicle. Take pictures of your own bike, and even your safety equipment such as helmet and gloves, as well as photos of the other vehicles and even the accident scene itself. Take down registration plates, and do ensure that you exchange details with other drivers. Politely ask witnesses if they would be willing to give you their contact details, so that you can pass all of this information to your solicitor and they can help build a solid case.

Witness account can prove invaluable in accidents that involve you and a pedestrian, a pet, a horse, or in other accident cases. Even if a person has only really seen the aftermath of the crash, or if they have limited information on exactly what happened, they may be able to provide vital clues that will help secure your compensation claim if it reaches court. Cases against pedestrians can prove longwinded, and tough, because the majority of pedestrians do not have insurance to cover them for accident compensation, but it can still be worth pursuing if you have suffered any form of loss.

Although you can help your case by gathering evidence immediately after the accident, you should still enlist the help of an experienced solicitor. They will be able to use the evidence you gathered, combine this with evidence that they have gathered themselves, and submit it to the courts, giving you the greatest possible chance of a successful claim.

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