Best options for buying a used vehicle

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If you are one of those who live in the UK, then you most probably are aware of why most people are opting for used vehicles these days. Used vehicles are now the most sensible choice for people who are not keen to lose money on new cars. New cars are expensive to buy and the most poignant fact about a new car is that when you buy it, you will lose a big chunk of money on depreciation just by taking the car out of the dealership. Moreover the higher the price of the car, the more you will lose money on it over the period of time.

High price and depreciation primarily causes car buyers to choose a used vehicle over a new one. But while buying; be sure to choose the right source of buying which will do justice to your hard earned money.

There are several options or sources for buying a used vehicle. Franchised dealership, private sellers and supermarket for cars are among the best sources.

Franchised car dealership

There are franchised used vehicle dealers available in United Kingdom. The major benefit of buying from franchised dealers is the warranty. You will get the full warranty as you would get if you buy a new car.Also, spare parts are very much available in a franchised dealership. That means you can have a used vehicle that is almost as good as a new one.


On the downside, the price is higher for the cars. A private seller or a supermarket can offer a better price for the same car. Also, there is a lack of model variation as a franchised dealership only sells certain brands, so you will have little choice and your favourite brand may not be sold in your local dealership.

Private sellers

Private sellers are the most preferable choice for many used vehicle buyers. Easy to negotiate, less formalities and easy to approach are the reasons why buyers prefer to buy from private sellers. You can find a private seller online or in the newspapers.

Despite being the most preferable choice, private sellers aren’t the best source of buying. Abusive use of the car, hiding the true information and buyer’s lack of technical knowledge about the car contributes to not buying from a private seller. Moreover, there is the risk of buying a car that is stolen. In any of the cases, you don’t have any legal protection if you fall victim to a faulty or a stolen car.

Supermarket for cars

Supermarket for cars is a mash upbetween a private seller and a franchised dealership.Oneof the best supermarketsfor cars in the United Kingdom is Fords of Winsford, located in Weaver Valley. Many of the used vehicle buyers in UK now prefer to buy from Fords of Winsford due to reasons like choosing from a huge car collection, test drive of any car in the collection and easy finance – they have customers coming in from Manchester, Oldham, Stoke, Liverpool, Wirral, Warrington, Chester, Wigan, Wrexham, Telford, Connah’s Quay, Preston, Bolton, Llandudno, Crewe, Blackburn, Burnley, Shropshire, etc. Fords of Winsford offer these facilitiesand even an extended warranty. For an additional cost, you can buy the FOW Gold extended warranty.Buyers can even register for a test drive online via Fords of Winsford’s website

There is not much which can contribute as a demerit of buying from a supermarket for cars.A supermarket for cars such as Fords of Winsford is most definitely a very good choice for buying a used vehicle.