Precision Code Works is a new and industry revolutionising ECU file tuning service

Precision Code Works is a new and industry revolutionising ECU Programming file tuning service. If you are a professional ECU chip tuner / re-mapper then this service will change your life.

About the Service

The Precision Code Works tuning server is programmed to detect and match key map patterns and data structures within any ECU file, isolating key signatures and updating them based on preset profiles. Users can choose from a range of profiles including Economy, Sport, Performance and Stock. They also offer DPF and EGR solutions. Once a selection is made they remap the ECU Software tuning file in under 30 seconds.

Our competitors can take up to 4 hours to manually ‘custom’ remap a tuning file so as you can imaging this vastly reduces time and therefore cost. All of their remapping techniques have been tried and tested, producing exactly the same tuning file no matter what hour of the day or day of the week.


Get even more value

Not only do they provide the highest quality ECU tuning files, they also provide access to their detailed WIKi, outlining many of the ‘gotchas’ of the tuning industry, and calibration lookup service and a Dyno chart lookup service to allow tuners to show their customers what Torque and Power increases they can expect.

PrecisionCodeWorks support all master flash tool formats (OBD, BDM, Tricore including TPROT) automatically.

So if you are looking for ECU tuning / remapping software, then look no further than PrecisionCodeWorks.