What You Need To Know About Basic Car Maintenance

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Keeping your car running smoothly and efficiently is only possible with a proper car maintenance routine. Some basic car care and regular servicing allow you to have the most reliable car possible without ending up having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on costly repairs. Here are the main things you need to know about basic car maintenance.

Maintain on a Schedule

You definitely want to find an auto body shop near me for the more intricate repairs and yearly inspections, but there are plenty of minor repairs and services you can do on your own. Check your tires monthly for any damage or low pressure to maintain even wear and safety. If you want to change your own oil and air filters at home, set up a schedule depending on your mileage or time. Typically, it needs to be changed around every six months. Check the other fluid levels in your vehicle and top them off when you change your oil.

Notice Changes

Stay aware every time you drive and pay attention to any new noises, smells or leaks. These symptoms can indicate worn parts on your vehicle. If you can’t tell where the changes are coming from, it’s a good idea to take it to your mechanic for a check-up. Replacing a worn part can save you money before the part breaks entirely.

Know How To Change a Tire

It’s almost inevitable that you will end up on the side of the road with a flat tire at some point when you’re driving. Learning how to change your own tire can save you the hassle of waiting for a towing service to show up and fix it for you. Practice changing it in your driveway multiple times per year so you’re always ready.

With a basic maintenance routine, you can drive your car with confidence and prevent major issues.