4 Best Spare Auto Parts To Buy

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Many people dispose of their old car or truck without a second thought. However, some parts on these vehicles may still work and can be useful to resell or refurbish as a hobby. Here are four of the best spare auto parts to buy. 

1. Exterior Accessories

If a vehicle no longer runs, the exterior accessories can still be used to replace those on another car or for decoration in a tool shed or garage. Examples of such accessories include spoilers, windshield wiper blades, mirrors, light covers and hubcaps. Restoring these objects back to their original shine goes a long way in making them look nice elsewhere. Finding used pickup truck bodies for sale is a good option in obtaining these spare accessories. 

2. Lights

Cars contain a plethora of lights in various shapes and sizes including taillights, turn signal lights, license plate lights and trunk lights. Provided they are still in working order, these lights can be used in another vehicle or around the house. 

3. Tires

Tires from an old truck can be used for many things if you think outside the box. Some options include:

  • Using tires as plant or flower containers
  • Creating an obstacle course from tires for fun and fitness
  • Building an outdoor staircase, with the tires as safe and durable steps
  • Setting up a tire swing, a classic for children and kids at heart

Don’t overlook the many uses of tires, even when they can no longer safely hold a vehicle. 

4. Seat Covers and Carpets

The seat covers and floor carpets in an old car can easily be used to replace dirty or torn items in other cars. These old carpets are also good for use in garages and workshops where people walk with muddy or wet shoes. 

Consider the many uses of spare auto parts if you are in need of something different for your house or existing vehicle.