10 Things About Digital Marketing You May Not Have Known

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1) Digital Marketing and Advertising 

Today’s marketers proudly peddle digital marketing as a new medium for advertisement – just like TV marketers – they aren’t any different than those who utilize the traditional marketing channels. 

While digital advertising tools differ from traditional advertising tools like magazines, TV, and more, and also need specific plans and execution, the underlying principles of advertising and marketing remain the same.

2) Content is King

An important aspect of winning the online marketing game is to create good content that meets the needs of your customer. As a digital marketer, good content (posts, blogs, videos, infographics, etc.) should be informative and widely used to bring in an audience.

3) Engagement and Creativity 

People are increasingly making use of social networks that provide the opportunity for greater engagement. In this case, marketers must provide quality creative content to their consumers for them to stay engaged.

4) Increased Mobile Marketing 

Google announced recently that people use mobile devices more than tabs and desktops for searches. The trend highlights a need for mobile apps, which are customer friendly.

5) Email and ROI

With emails, you can generate great customer loyalty and a high ROI by sending promotions, newsletters, and confirming events. However, they do not always get the desired attention. 

The GetEmail.io tool was developed to make ‘email search’ easier for companies. It lets you gather email addresses by entering in the contact’s first name, last name, and the company’s domain name.

6) Live Streaming and Marketing 

In the digital marketing arena, Digital Marketers have managed to turn this social media feature into monetary gains. Live streaming of inside operations ensures customers are interested in the brand and its internal info. In return, potential customers are encouraged to become more interactive and transparent.

7) Feedback

Your marketing strategy relies greatly on online reviews that make an impact on your business. Great reviews can make your business grow, and bad ones can hurt it. Great reviews also give your SEO a boost.

8) User Growth 

There has been a rapid increase in internet users over the past 5 years. It was anticipated to double by 2022, as compared to 2017. 

Digital marketers have the burden of serving internet users well to meet their needs, while at the same time serving brands as well.

9) Higher Market Revenue 

Digital Marketing platforms have grown enormously in the last five years. Tools such as SEO, Google Ads, as well as many others help brands reach the international market.

10) Customer Retention and Satisfaction 

As a marketer, today, one needs to be concerned about more than just getting the customer in the door. A marketer’s job now involves bringing traffic and following up on their entire customer conversion process.