Bird Problems Don’t Always Have to Be Hard to Deal with

In recent times, I have had a huge bird problem. Mainly with a massive amount of them getting into the overhangs of my home and garage. They like to roost and stay there and have eggs that hatch there as well. If you know me, you know that I am not someone who enjoys having that sort of noise around. This is why the first thing I did was call some bird control companies to see what my options were. I had no idea that I had so many options!

One thing that I did learn was that not all companies work the same. Some will trap and release the birds and other deal with mainly preventing more from coming. I wanted the most humane way to deal with the birds so I was contacting the ones that trapped and released them. When I found out where one company took the birds, then I immediately called them and let them know that I wanted to use them. This company worked with a local animal sanctuary and would take the birds there. The land was 100 acres of wooded areas, ponds, and had some ideal nesting places. The company said they had great success with the birds going there and staying there and not returning to their old roosting spots. It wasn’t a guarantee that they would stay, but it was a good enough idea that I am willing to try it!

The next day, the control company came and set up traps for the birds. Many of them were trapped in a matter of minutes and they started to haul the family of birds away with the nests. It was important for the birds to leave like that so they didn’t think they left any behind and come back for them. I was able to go with them to the sanctuary and see their new home. It was a plush forest with other animals that had been relocated there. Luckily, the next few days I didn’t see any more signs of the birds and they had been happy at their new home!