We know ALL the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster will be one of the stars of Paris, but we already know everything about him. True to style convertibles of life, the canvas hood will be sold with two engines of 476 and 577 hp (the latter for the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C).

We know ALL the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. Its official debut will be at the Paris Motor Show 2016, but the brand has given us a few details in advance.

The first time we spoke you the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster was in late 2014 when we move both the convertible version as a high – performance variant would fit in the range of sportier model signature star. But since then, the media focus had been placed on the second, called Mercedes-AMG GT-R and will be the most radical variant, leaving aside the possible convertible version body. You can discover more about this model as well as AMG replica wheels from the site.


What you now have is officiating, so take good note.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster: design

Mercedes has taken the roof but none of sportiness and elegance to the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Also new front, wider skirt and alloy wheels with five double spoke.

Mercedes did not want the weight of the essential technical elements in a convertible elevate excess weight set so searched lightweight materials for body.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster: Mechanical

Two mechanical options are available for the AMG GT Roadster:

– 4.0 – liter V8 engine and twin-turbo 476 hp power, able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds and reaches the 302 km / h top speed.

– V8 biturbo engine four liters and 557 hp for. Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C In this case, the time to accelerate to 100 km / h from standstill is reduced to 3.7 seconds while top speed increases to 316 km / h.

Both engines are available combined with a dual clutch transmission and seven-speed that sends the power to the rear axle (Sounds like fun, right?) –

The new convertible Mercedes sports division has three driving modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus) that adds a fourth the driver can customize.

Soft top, of lifelong

One of the things I like the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is that it leaves free access to heaven as convertibles ever: with soft top.

That does not mean you enjoy the latest developments and has not stop and get off the car to remove the roof but this retracts with the push of a button and always when the car does not exceed 50 km / h. To open or close the hood uses an approximate time of 11 seconds.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster soft top is a three-layer sits on a made of steel, aluminum and magnesium base. Rollover protection bars are made of aluminum.